Operating in Senegal since 2010


SBDS began operations in Senegal in 2010 under a series of contracts over a three-year period for both exploration and in-pit drilling at the Sabodala gold resource. Whilst business for SBDS has slowed in recent years due to a weaker economic climate in the country, SBDS has maintained a licence to operate in Senegal and, based on the forecast expansion of gold exploration and mining activity in the region, SBDS is planning a return to operation in Senegal in the near future.


SBD Drilling owns and operates a fleet of technologically advanced, environmentally friendly Atlas Copco Explorac 220 RC rigs as well as the associated auxiliary equipment. Currently, none of these rigs are located in Senegal; however, rigs can be mobilised to projects in Senegal from neighbouring countries with adequate notice.

We utilise Atlas Copco auxiliary compressors and Hurricane boosters with a combined output of 2200 cfm @ 1000 psi enabling our rigs to reach target depths with high-quality dry samples. The smaller size of SBDS’s Explorac rigs means a smaller pad size than the equivalent Schramm or KWL RC rigs, resulting in less environmental impact whilst still having the air to drill the holes successfully. The rigs are very fuel efficient compared to competitors rigs with the same capability and a smaller footprint for drill pads.

SBDS employs highly credentialed drillers and fitters that are experienced in deep hole RC drilling. All of our senior employees have a strong safety culture that complements SBDS’s safety procedures and systems. This enables SBDS to complete drilling campaigns on time, within budget, while meeting our goal of zero harm to our people and the environment. We have regularly operated through the wet season in West Africa and have no issues with steep access tracks.