SBDM Services

RC Services

We aim to service the high quality, large capacity end of the West African RC drilling market. We offer a modern rig fleet and support equipment that is designed and built to cater to our client’s specific drilling requirements in West Africa.

Our areas of drilling expertise are predominately iron ore and gold, in both exploration and resource definition. The following specifications are achievable by SBDM:

SBDM has RC experience on flat and mountainous terrain. Drill programs have ranged from remote, regional location, through to drilling in heavily congested open pits. As well as conventional RC programs, SBDM is experienced in grade control and dual rotary drilling.

Maintenance Services

Through its experienced team of mechanics and fitters, SBD Drilling Mauritania is able to provide technical audits and maintenance services for a range of drilling related equipment including drill rigs, auxiliary air trucks, water pumps and mobile service equipment.

Rig Availability

In order to maximise productivity while operating in remote locations, SBDM’s objective is to achieve rig availability of 90%. This is achieved as follows: