SBDG Sustainability

Health & Safety

SBDG believes that the health and safety of employees is of the highest priority. We are committed to the continual process of identification, control and elimination of workplace hazards, and in doing so, protecting our people from exposure to health and safety risks.

To ensure company, client and legislative HSE compliance, SBDG has a comprehensive risk-based Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS meets the strict standards of major global mining companies.

Community Engagement

SBDG is committed to improvement in the livelihood of the communities in which we operate. We accomplish this through a number of initiatives but most importantly by employing and training people from local villages and regional towns. Within our current operations, we are proud to witness the high level of safety standards applied by our African national employees in their day-to-day activities.

In addition, where demand for drilling services calls for additional staffing, SBDG offers an offsider training programme which has successfully resulted in African national employees being promoted to lead driller positions. The programme involves expatriate employees mentoring African national employees who demonstrate the qualities required of a lead driller. A safety-first approach is emphasised, and SBDG views this program as critical to our sustainability of operations in the region over the long term.


SBDG is committed to minimising the impact our business has on the environment through employee education, best practice procedures, compliance with legislative requirements and conforming to all specific environmental requirements of individual sites and clients.

We continually seek to identify new opportunities that will lower our fuel and energy consumption in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.