Experts in High-Capacity, Deep Hole Reverse Circulation Drilling
Hole depth up to 400m
Employing the best crews to service first class clients


SBD Drilling is a private, Australian (Perth) based drilling company which has been providing drilling and drill maintenance services in West Africa since 2001, specifically Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania.

SBD Drilling owns and operates a fleet of technologically advanced Atlas Copco Explorac 220 RC rigs as well as the associated auxiliary equipment. It is a recognised industry leader in the West African deep hole, reverse circulation (RC) drilling market with a critical focus on safety, environmental conservation and cultural development programmes.

At SBD Drilling, our purpose is to provide drilling-related services that our clients are eager to procure. This is achieved through our first-class safety management system, the employment of experienced, highly skilled personnel, minimising environmental impact and a commitment to developing local communities toward a sustainable future.

In recent years SBD Drilling has seen tremendous growth in exploration and drilling activities in Guinea and has focused primarily on the development of its business in this country. This focus has built on the company’s long history and experience in the region to a point where the name SBD Drilling Guinea or “SBDG” has become synonymous with its mineral exploration activity.

Whilst our corporate base is in Perth, Western Australia, our African corporate office is in Conakry, Guinea. We currently have rigs and auxiliary equipment ready to mobilise to projects throughout the West African region.


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