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Up to 30% less fuel usage than our competitors rigs

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Explorac E220RC Fuel Savings

SBD Drilling RC rigs use up to 30% less fuel than our competitors rigs, when compared to V12 CAT or MTU powered Schramm T685WS or KWL700 RC rigs.
SBD’s Atlas Copco E220RC CAT C-16’s and C-18’s have a manufacturers fuel burn rating of 122lts/hr @ 1800rpm, compared to competitors 159lts/hr @ 1800rpm of the V12 MTU manufactures fuel burn spec, a total difference of approximately 37lts/hr. For deeper drilling, where auxiliary compressors are required, the fuel savings can be up to 30%. Competitors Sullair auxiliary compressors are rated @107lt/hr compared with SBD’s Atlas Copco auxiliary compressors @ 82lts/hr).

This provides clients with an achievable combined fuel saving of approximately 62lts per running hour. The reduced fuel burn of the SBD Drilling RC rigs and ancillary equipment has the potential to drive significant cost savings over the length of a drill program, as shown using a single rig operating example below.

Explorac E220RC Fuel Savings