SBD Group

SBD Drilling is committed to the continual process of identification, control & elimination of workplace hazards,and in doing so

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SBD Drilling services the “high quality/large capacity” end of the Australian RC drilling market.

We offer a modern rig fleet and support equipment that is designed and built to cater to our client’s specific drilling requirements.

Our areas of drilling expertise are predominately in the following areas:

  • Iron Ore (exploration and resource definition)
  • Gold (exploration and resource definition)
  • Hole depths (ground conditions permitting) to 450m+
  • Controlled use of hi-pressure air (<2250cfm@1000psi)
  • 45° to 90°hole angles
  • Rotary Cone, Fixed Adjustable Cone or Riffle Splitter options available

SBD Drilling can provide specialist remote area operations, including camp & project establishment anywhere in Australia.